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Holiday and Seasonal Storage

After all the fun and crazy holidays, sometimes its stressful to have to take down all those decorations, store them properly, and find places for all the decorations you added to your collection.  At StorageOne we are here to help you with the “Place” to store all those decorations.  If you really get into the holiday spirit by decorating your home to look like Clark Griswold’s house, you may have trouble finding a place to keep your decorations.  When holiday décor sits in boxes and plastic tubs for the majority of the year and take up space in your apartment or house, it can be bothersome.  Instead of using this precious space in your home on belongings only used once a year, you can rent a storage unit and actually use that spare bedroom as a bedroom, your garage to park your car, or that spare closet as a place to put all your new clothes/shoes/purses you got for the holiday. 

Selecting a Unit Size

Consider renting a small storage unit to store all your lights, ornaments, artificial trees, your 10-foot inflatable Santa, all his reindeer (not real of course), and all the many holiday trinkets accumulated through the years.  A 5x5 or a 5x10 should be enough room for most people.  These are the size of a large closet and have plenty of space for both outdoor and indoor decorations.  However, if you are borderline obsessive about the holidays (like Clark Griswold), a 10x10 or 10x15 storage unit may be better for those 250 strands of lights. 

Consider What to Store

As you are cleaning and packing up the decorations, it’s also a great time to think about spring cleaning and placing items you use in the winter in storage as well; such as your Warm Parka Jacket you have when Vegas gets down to 40 degrees, or your long underwear for the annual trip skiing and sledding to Mount Charleston or Brian Head, or even your Skis or Snowboard.  Storage units are great for those additional seasonal items as well, like the lawn mower, leaf blower, or even patio furniture that you don’t use as much during the “winter” months in Las Vegas. 

Contact StorageOne today and let our managers know if you are a normal Holiday Enthusiast needing a smaller unit or if you are The Holiday Fanatic and need more space!   Either way, we’re here to help make your holiday and seasonal storage a breeze.

Happy New Year and wishing Everyone a Very Healthy and Prosperous 2017!

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