Frequently Asked Questions​

What size storage do I need?

We typically suggest the following guidelines:

5 x 5 Can hold items from one small room. Items such as small beds, chest of draws, chairs, desk, or small boxed items.

5 x 10 Can hold items from a small one bedroom apartment. A bed, sofa and boxes.

5 x 15 Can hold items from a typical sized one bedroom apartment. Bed, sofa, living room furniture, and boxes.

10 x 10 Can hold items from a one or two bedroom apartment. Beds, sofa, living room furniture, many boxes, washer, dryer.

10 x 20 Can hold items from a three or four bedroom apartment or house. Many boxes, appliances, beds, sofa, etc.

Do you have RV and Boat Parking?

Yes! Most of our locations offer either covered or uncovered parking spaces (or both).

Do you have Truck Rentals?

Yes! Most of our locations offer rental trucks either through

Penske or U-Haul.

Do you have Moving Services?

Yes! We have a preferred moving company we recommend,

Red Carpet Moving Services.

Do you have an on-site manager?

Yes! Most of our locations have professional managers that live on-site (see office hours)

Do I need to leave a security deposit?

No! StorageOne is proud of its quick and easy move in process and does not require a security deposit from our customers.

Do you charge an administration fee upon move-in?

Yes – We do charge a one-time fee upon move-in. We also require Stored Property Insurance. As a benefit to our new customers, we give you the first month’s insurance FREE and we give you a FREE high-security Disc Lock.

What are the typical contract terms?

At StorageOne we have no contracts, just easy Month to Month leases. The minimum term of a lease is one (1) month. Rental payments in succeeding months shall be due on the monthly anniversary date of the lease (unless a proration has occurred, and prorated rent has been paid).  Rent is not refundable.

How can I make a payment?

Payments can be processed in person, by phone, or through our website. You may also arrange to have your payment automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account.

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