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How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size for Your Needs

When it comes to self-storage, one of the most common challenges people face is selecting the right unit size. It's crucial to find a balance between having enough space for your belongings and not paying for space you don’t need. At StorageOne Self Storage, we want to simplify this decision for you. Here’s a practical guide to help you determine the perfect storage unit size for your needs.

What are your storage needs?

Start by listing all the items you plan to store. Group them into categories such as furniture, boxes, appliances, and seasonal items. This will give you a clearer idea of the amount and type of space needed. Remember, the way you pack and organize your storage unit also affects the amount of space needed.

Common Storage Unit Sizes and Their Capacities

At StorageOne, we offer a variety of unit sizes, and here’s a quick overview of what each size can typically hold:

  • 5x5 Unit (25 square feet): Ideal for small items like boxes, suitcases, small furniture, and seasonal items. It’s similar to a small closet.
  • 5x10 Unit (50 square feet): Great for one-room apartment contents like a mattress set, dining room set, and several boxes. It works well for business supplies and inventory as well.
  • 10x10 Unit (100 square feet): This unit can hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment including appliances, boxes, and furniture.
  • 10x15 Unit (150 square feet): Perfect for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or small house, including larger furniture and appliances.
  • 10x20 Unit (200 square feet): Suitable for a three-bedroom house, this unit can store furniture, boxes, and large household appliances, and also works well for business inventory or company files.
  • 10x25 (250 square feet): Holds a three-bedroom house with major appliances, lots of boxes, plus a home office.
  • 10x30 Unit (300 square feet): This size can accommodate a fully furnished four- or five-bedroom house. It’s ideal for large furniture, appliances, and multiple boxes. 

Visualizing the Space

It helps to visualize how much space your items will occupy. A handy tip is to arrange your furniture and boxes in a way that mimics the dimensions of the storage unit. Use tape to mark out the area on your garage floor or driveway to get a better sense of the space. Remember, storage units typically have eight-foot ceilings, so you can stack boxes to maximize space. You are also welcome to visit any of our locations and take a tour of the different unit sizes. 

Consider Your Future Needs

Think about whether you might need to store more items in the future. Choosing a slightly larger unit than what you currently need can save you the hassle of having to transfer everything to a bigger unit later on. 

Additional Tips

  • Pack Strategically: Use uniform-sized boxes for easy stacking. Place heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top to maximize space and prevent damage. We have boxes and more moving supplies available for purchase in our offices. 
  • Accessibility: If you need regular access to your items, consider a larger unit to create a walkway through the middle.
  • Vertical Space: Make use of the full height of the unit, but ensure that items are securely stacked to prevent accidents.

Choosing the right storage unit size doesn’t have to be complicated. At StorageOne Self Storage, our team is dedicated to helping you find the storage solution that best fits your needs. Stop by one of our locations, and we'll be happy to show you different unit sizes and provide more tips on how to efficiently store your belongings.

Remember, the right storage unit is the one that fits all your items comfortably and safely. With our variety of options and friendly advice, you’re sure to find just the space you need.