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Making the Most of Your Self-Storage Space

So you’ve recently decided to clear some space in your home by renting a self-storage unit. Ideally, you’ll want to maximize the allotted space you have to use.  How do you do that?

Follow these five tips for organizing your unit and you will be able to store more in tight quarters.

Plan Before You Store

Haphazardly rummaging through your house looking for stuff you can keep in your storage unit is not an efficient technique.  Take careful inventory of your possessions and choose what needs to be put away.  Make a list.  Separate your items into organized groups.

When you first set up your storage unit, make sure to bring everything you want in it with you. This way, you can pack the things you are storing wisely rather than adding a little at a time, and stuffing things in random corners to fit it all in.

Use Boxes, Not Bags

Garbage bags seem like a convenient storage material, but you’ll pay for that convenience later. Plastic bags encourage mildew growth.  They also don’t stack as well as boxes, which means you get less use out of vertical space.  Store your stuff in cardboard boxes and stack them neatly. Clearly label what each box contains in bold lettering so you can find things quickly.

Get Boxes That Are the Same Size

If you have several boxes of all different shapes and sizes, then you are not getting the most out of your space.  Boxes of about the same size will fit tightly together and stack more easily. Same-sized boxes will also make it easier to rearrange your things when you come back later and need something out of one particular box.  You won’t have to memorize exactly what went where if all the boxes fit easily back together.

Put Taller Things in the Back

If you’re planning to store tall or large items, such as mattresses or cabinets, put them at the back.  You will find it harder to read the labels on your boxes if you can’t see past that antique chest of drawers.  You can either put all tall or bulky items at the back of the unit, or place them against the walls with your boxes in the middle.

Make a Walkway

When arranging the items in your storage unit, don’t forget to leave a usable walkway.  You’ll be frustrated later if you’ve packed your stuff in so well that you can’t get to it.  Depending on how much space you have, you can choose to leave one main walkway down the center of your unit, or small aisles intermittently.

Whether you need a small storage unit or a large one, maximizing your space will keep your stuff organized and easily accessible.

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