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Moving Supplies


Moving to a new home is an exciting experience that can also be very stressful. Packing up your home can be very time consuming but can be easier if you prep beforehand. When you plan ahead and have the right moving supplies, you will not be left scrambling at the very last minute when the movers have arrived.


The first step of packing is to purchase the correct moving supplies. Ensuring you have the right moving supplies makes packing up your home much easier.

StorageOne carries a complete line of packing materials and moving supplies for purchase. We carry moving kits with everything you need to make the move process an easy one, as well as scissors, tape, bubble wrap, and various size moving boxes.

  • Small Boxes are best for books, bathroom décor, and lightweight items
  • Large Boxes are best for large pieces of décor, clothing that was kept in drawers, and more lightweight items that may take up a lot of room
  • Wardrobe Boxes allow you to easily transfer your clothing from the hangers into the boxes without having to fold everything individually
  • Dish Packing Kits protect fragile dishes and glassware
  • Mattress, sofa, and chair covers are used to protect your furniture from damages during your move
  • Moving Box Kits include an assortment of moving boxes and supplies
  • Specialty Boxes (Mirrors, Televisions, etc.) protect fragile televisions, mirrors, and picture frames
  • Packing Tape/Tape Gun can be used for a quicker, easier way to dispense and cut your tape when assembling boxes
  • Markers can be used to label your boxes to assist movers on where to place your items
  • Scissors
  • Disc Locks
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Peanuts
  • Bungee & Utility Cord