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Storage Dilemma


Let’s face it: we all have stuff we don’t use every day that we neither have space for but cannot bear to part with. Maybe it’s a box of old toys from childhood that, while no longer played with, represent your nostalgia for your youth. Maybe it’s grandma’s antique sewing machine. Maybe it’s that Jet Ski your kids convinced you to buy last summer that only got used twice. No one is here to judge. However, if you want to use your garage or spare room, you’ll need an alternative storage solution.


StorageOne provides extensive indoor and outdoor unit options of varying sizes for all your storage needs in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, all at competitive pricing. Our individual storage units come in sizes that are small enough to store the overflow of your closets, spare rooms, or secret crawl spaces. Alternatively, if you need to store large items such as vehicles, the inventory for a small business, or piles of knickknacks of epic scale, expansive storage units are also readily available.

Short Term, No Problem

What if you only need short term storage? Say, you are moving from one home to another, but are unable to store your belongings until the new flooring and paint job at your place is finished. No problem! We offer monthly rentals without a deposit. Also, there’s no need to pester your one friend with a truck into helping you with the lingering hope they’ll be paid with some type of food. StorageOne offers truck rentals, and, if necessary, moving services, all without the lingering guilt that you convinced your friend to sacrifice their weekend!

Problems Solved

And don’t worry about the supplies; we have everything you’ll need, from tape for that irritating tape gun no one really knows how to use, to a plethora of boxes in various sizes, pens, labels, packing peanuts and bubble wrap (fun for popping too). 


Of course, the thought of packing and storing for the first time self storage customer can be a daunting task. Thankfully, StorageOne has helpful staff and management available seven days a week to answer questions and provide counsel to make your move a piece of cake. Your friend with the truck will be in awe of your radical packing moves and efficient use of space and time, rivaling anything seen on the big screen at an epic space movie…with a little help from StorageOne, of course!


So put those fears to rest. Tackle that next project. Look like a hero. Tights and cape optional. 

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