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Taking Advantage of Self Storage for Spring Cleaning


Cleaning and disinfecting your home can help lessen the community spread of germs and bacteria. Amidst the spread of the novel coronavirus, germs are obviously currently top of mind amongst many of us. As we struggle with the disruption to our daily lives and get acclimated to staying in, we find comfort in the things we can control, like keeping our home and safe haven clean and germ-free.

Spring cleaning is that time when we open up the windows, turn on our favorite song, and thoroughly clean and dust. As we get a jump start on our spring cleaning, this is the perfect time to sort through belongings and get organized. A storage unit is a great alternative to parting with those items that we don’t use often but are not ready to give up.

Self storage units are also a great option for helping you declutter and stay organized especially if you’re considering listing your home for sale. You can store personal or extra items, freeing up space and staging your home which is very beneficial when putting it on the market. Less clutter around your home will help buyers imagine their personal belongings there.

We’ve put together some spring cleaning tips to help you stay on track:

  • Begin cleaning everything from the top of your home and work your way down. First begin with dusting off your ceiling fans, ceiling corners, and light fixtures. Then proceed to work your way down by wiping down all the surfaces of your home. A surface can look clean but still harbor illness-causing bacteria for several hours or even days. Thoroughly clean your walls, doors, door handles, counters, and windows. Continue to work your way down and sweep your floors and mop using disinfecting cleaning products.


  • After washing our hands, the next best way to protect our families’ health is to wipe down countertops, doorknobs, light switches, and common surfaces with a cloth dampened in hot water and an all-purpose cleaner twice per day. Use an alcohol wipe to clean cell phones, remotes, and keyboards.


  • Be sure to test smoke detectors in your home and replace the batteries as well as wiping them clean of dust and allergens.


  • Sort through stacks of paper accumulated over time by filing important documents, shredding unneeded documents with sensitive information and recycling the remainder.


  • Keep shredded paper as box fillers to keep fragile items more protected while in storage.


  • Move appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc., to clean underneath them. Be sure to wipe down the walls behind them and disinfect the appliances themselves with the same hot water and cleaning solution used in the first step.


  • Steam clean mattresses and other upholstered furniture; allow to completely dry before putting back in place.


  • Sort through clothing, especially seasonal articles that will not be worn for a while, get rid of worn garments and create a donate pile for items you no longer want. After the ‘keep’ items have been sorted, go through them and stitch any tears, replace buttons, stain treat and then wash them. Once your clothing has been sorted and mended, storing them in a wardrobe box with a hanging rod will make them easy to place into your storage unit and will also keep them safe and looking nice for the long term.


  • A storage unit is the best option when decluttering and getting your home ready to sell. While some things you’ll be glad to get rid of, there may be items you want to hang onto. Storing your things in a storage unit gets everything off of your property and out of the way, and you can still pop by whenever you need something. When it’s time to move, it’s easy to stop by with a moving truck and pick everything up and take it to your new place.


  • If on your spring cleaning you find broken door handles, cracked tiles, leaky faucets, etc., take time to repair them to prevent these issues from worsening which could lead to costly repairs down the road.


  • After completing all of your repairs, tools that are not used around the house very often are great items to keep in self-storage to declutter your home.


  • Disinfecting, if done correctly, will kill germs. Get in all the nooks and crannies when disinfecting so you do not leave germs and bacteria to fester and grow.


  • When spring cleaning, it's important to remember the outside of the house as well as the inside. Use a power washer to remove dirt and grime from your home’s exterior. This is also a great tool to use to clean the floor of your garage to get rid of any fluid leaks.


  • Breathe some life back into your yard by hosing down lawn furniture, aerating the lawn, laying down some fresh mulch, trimming bushes and planting new flowers, bushes or trees. Once finished, your gardening tools can be easily stored in your self-storage unit by being bundled together and placed in trash barrels.


After you read through our tips and techniques, tailor the list to your home and your space. Whether you prefer to work from the top to the bottom, or start outdoors and work your way inside, focus on one task at a time. Sometimes, a single weekend is not enough, and this is okay, create a realistic schedule for yourself. You may need several days for things like shampooing carpets, organizing closets, setting items aside to take to your storage unit.

Once your cleaning and disinfecting is finished and these extra items around the house have been placed in storage, you can sit back, have an ice-cold glass of lemonade (spiked or not, we don’t judge) and step into the warm weather of the new year confident in your clean home and its newfound practicality